• We wanted a trawler that was seaworthy, comfortable, easy to maintain, fuel efficient and had a high resale value. So in 2006, we bought a new Nordic Tug 32+ from Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers. After just over a year we decided that although we loved our 32+ we wanted to do more entertaining aboard our boat. The Nordic Tug 37 with its large Main Saloon and Guest Stateroom fit our needs perfectly. A call to Ballena Bay Yachts confirmed they would trade-in our 32+ for a new Nordic Tug 37. We took delivery of our new 2007 Nordic Tug 37 in July, 2007.

    Days after taking delivery of our Nordic Tug 37 “Buoy Toy” we joined the San Francisco Bay Area Nordic Tug Association (SFBANTA) on a cruise to Sacramento, CA. Of course, on the return from Sacramento we encountered the notorious Carquinez Straits chop. “Buoy Toy” cut through the steep chop without missing a beat. We were actually taking water over the top of our Pilothouse! All the while, we were inside our boat remaining dry, warm and quite comfortable.

    Having owned 8 boats over the years I can say with certainty that our Nordic Tug 37 has already exceeded our expectations. We are proud when we have other long-time boat owners aboard and they marvel at the quality of the “fit and finish” aboard “Buoy Toy.”

    We have now worked with Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers during the purchase of two new boats. Each time we were treated in a courteous, professional manner. I would recommend Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers to anyone seeking to buy or sell their trawler, ocean-going motor yacht or cruising sailboat.”

    ~ Wayne Farris, Owner, Nordic Tug 37 “Buoy Toy” line ~

  • After 36 years of sailing, we decided it was time to consider going over to the dark side of power boats. Our aging bodies with stiff backs and creaky joints were calling out for some creature comforts so we started to “kick tires” and look at trawlers. We probably looked at every type of trawler in Southern California. One type was the Nordic Tug. While we continued to “kick tires”, we kept coming back to Nordic Tugs.

    We flew to Washington and toured the Nordic Tug factory. We were allowed to inspect the various hulls in various stages of construction on the factory floor. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship was amazing. We got to see the plumbing, electrical, wiring and equipment installations, all done with meticulously care. We became convinced that a Nordic Tug was in our future.

    While continuing to “kick tires”, we found a new Nordic Tug 37 in San Diego. We were allowed to spend countless hours crawling through the boat. The broker took us trips around San Diego Harbor. We were hooked and made a deal.

    The off shore delivery and 60 mile trip to Ensenada MX was scheduled for a March Sunday morning. When we arrived the wind was howling, it was raining and the Gale Force warnings were up. I suggested to our broker that we should delay until the next weekend and better weather. The broker said it was our call, BUT, he also said I shouldn’t worry about the boat. He said Nordic Tugs are built to handle much worse weather that what we would experience on the 60 mile delivery trip to Ensenada, MX. The broker convinced us to go as planned.

    Our decision to go in Gale Force conditions was the right call. Our new Nordic Tug handled the high winds and 12 food beam seas far better than I would have imagined. Our “baptism under fire” demonstrated what a great boat the Nordic Tug is. It built our confidence in the boat and we knew first hand that our rugged Nordic Tug could handle anything we would experience in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. That was five years ago and we have yet to experience anything that our Nordic Tug couldn’t handle.

    We made the right decision. We have all the creature comforts. We can go anywhere in any kind of weather conditions without worry. For a couple that wants to cruise in comfort and safety, there is no better trawler than a Nordic Tug.

    ~ Terry and Charley Caldwell, Charley Girl, NT 37-141, MDR, CA ~

  • Dear Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers:

    Thanks for the courtesy and professionalism that I received when buying my 50′ Delta. I bought another boat 17 years ago, a 37′ Puget trawler and received the same service. Anyone working with Len at Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers will receive the same courtesy and professional service that I have experienced.

    ~ Dan Bunke ~

  • I have been a boater for over 40 years and owned seven boats. When I decided to purchase a trawler, I selected Len to be my broker and to help with the decision and search, even though I live in Southern California and his office is in Alameda. I chose Len because of his background and widespread knowledge. Len knows both the seas and the boats. He has been a commercial fisherman for 18 years and has been the West Coast Dealer for Island Gypsy, Kadey Krogen and Nordic Tug. He has extensive knowledge and experience of all boats, but especially of trawlers.

    Our final selections were in 2 cities in California and 1 in Washington. Only 1 of the 3 boats was a trawlers for which he was the listing broker. There was never any pressure or influence to favor his listing. He is extremely well informed, experienced and professional. The whole processes of narrowing down the criteria, selecting and evaluating the boats was easier because of his input and experience. I highly recommend Len as a broker to help in finding a boat of your choice.”

    ~ Dick T. ~

  • Hi Len:

    You have made the entire process as easy as it could have been. Never would have happened without your expertise. Thank you,”

    ~ Howard Patton ~

  • Spring of 2012 brought a major change in our lives. We decided to return to boating after a 15-year hiatus that began when we moved to central California, far from our familiar cruising grounds in New England. We had owned a number of sailboats and a trawler and continued to be interested in boating from afar. During those years we attended a few boat shows, including the fall boat show at jack London Square, where we first met Lenard Lee and the Nordic Tug. We were attracted to both, and, when we decided to purchase a boat, we contacted Len. We had researched boats on the internet, and he agreed to show us several boats in which we had an interest. Unlike brokers with whom we had worked in the past, Len was very patient and willing to give us all the time that we needed to examine the boats. More importantly, we found him to be knowledgeable about each boat and able to answer our many questions. As the process continued, we became focused on the Nordic Tug 37, but we decided we definitely wanted to return to New England for cruising. No problem…Len arranged for us to see a boat with a trusted colleague from the east coast. When we eventually found the boat we thought was the right one for us, the timing was bad. Len was about to take a cruise in the British Isles. No problem…Len stayed in touch with us by phone while his son and associate, Brian, assisted us with the negotiations to purchase the boat. We are now living aboard “Bijou” for the summer and have the sense that with Len and Brian’s help, we have made the right purchase for us.”

    ~ Steve and Carol Kennedy, Posted aboard “Bijou” in Narragansett Bay, RI. ~

  • We have always kept a fond place in our memories for you & your staff….. the purchase of Midnight Snack was a pleasure from beginning to end… and the courtesy extended to us, not the least of which was picking us up at the airport, was much appreciated. Reminded me of the old days doing business back East in new England…”

    ~ Paul ~

  • In 1990, we purchased a sailboat from a foundation and with Leonard’s help. We were very pleased that he negotiated a great price for us, helped us get the necessary gear aboard and even loaned us his truck as we had flown up from San Diego. We had that boat, Scarlett O’Hara, a famous race boat from the Bay area, for 22 years and cruised her from San Diego to Thailand. Upon selling her, we once again called Leonard and asked him to look at a trawler in Emeryville, CA, that we had seen on the internet. He drove from his office to check the boat out, contacted us and as we trusted his opinion, we made an offer on the boat sight unseen. Once again he helped us get a great deal on our “new” boat, helped us get some new gear and again loaned us his truck several times! Leonard is truly one of the good guys in the yachting industry. He is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of boats, but is one of the best brokers anywhere if you want a trawler.”

    ~ John and Renee Prentice ~

  • September 2, 2012

    TO: All Prospective Clients of Lenard Lee, Yacht Broker
    RE: Letter of Recommendation

    In March,2012 we purchased a 1995 Sabreline 34 ft. trawler from Lenard Lee, owner and manager of Ballena Bay Yacht Brokers in Alameda, California.

    The sale was concluded quickly, because the boat was sound and very much in demand. However, nothing comes easy. The engine and overall surveys, which were arranged and overseen by Len, revealed deficiencies which were not major, but which had to be taken into account in settling on a final price and concluding the sale and purchase.

    This is where Len’s considerable experience, technical knowledge and negotiating skills became evident. Len developed a fair and equitable selling price based on the cost of repairs and the responsibilities of both parties. The transaction was concluded to the satisfaction of both sides.

    Following the sale, Len stayed with us throughout the process of the necessary repairs and upgrades to the boat. He has an excellent and extensive network of providers who helped us to bring our 17 year old boat back to quality condition.

    Len owns a yacht himself and has been an experienced mariner throughout his adult life. He has extensive technical experience with all kinds of boats, has brought his leadership to development and promotion of uniform and ethical standards through his long involvement with yacht brokering professional associations, has merchant marine degrees and qualifications, and is active with the California Maritime Academy.

    My wife Barbara and I would strongly recommend Len’s services to anyone buying or selling a boat. the relationship we have developed with Len has translated to a solid friendship which has been maintained and will continue into the future.


    ~ William S.Thomas, Mill Valley, California ~