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Blog#1 Basics

Are you off on a big ocean adventure?  Or are you planning a city cruise with some good friends?  Maybe a weekend anchoring somewhere peaceful and beautiful alone together?  It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you make it fun and easy.

As I have now passed the fifteen year mark with our Krogen 39, I feel I have something to offer in a way of organization and good food. Part of the enjoyment is the journey, no matter where your new boat takes you.  I plan to share with you recipes, but first you must have the basics to get started. A well stocked galley is a must.  Whether you are 30ft. or 80ft., I have found that if you stock with good basics and work with short cuts and planning ahead, the results with be the same with a lot less effort.

Before you go,  plan how long you will be out and what the menu will be.  Do as much prep work at home as possible.  Non food basics/What you should have aboard at all times:

Paper towels, and lot’s of them. When they are not cleaning they are securing noises,  (Use them to stuff).  No noises make a happy ship!

Zip lock bags.  All sizes.  Buy the freezer style (they are tougher). Anything you can put in a zip lock will take less space,  than boxes (I cut the label off the box and slip it inside the bag).

HD Foil/Plastic Wrap

Bacterial spray. Use it everywhere for clean up with a paper towel.

Soft scrub cleanser

Water filter on galley sink

Paper plates/napkins, Heavy duty bio degradable

Plastic re-usable glasses/wine glasses

Coffee Cups

Stainless steel tableware

A good serrated kitchen knife

Paring knife


Can opener/non electric

Wine opener

Vegetable peeler

Wire Whip

Thin flexible cutting boards/ one for vegetables/another for meats

Bio degradable liquid dish soap


Frying pans/ one small/one large

Medium size boiling pot with a lid

Casserole dish

Disposable pie and loaf pans

BBQ tools (if your boat is equipped with a BBQ)

Scouring pads

Coffee maker (one cup at a time/pod type)

Next time we will review food basics to keep on board at all times.

(Note; some future recipes will require other items that we will plan for)

windy day